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"Amazing Mahagiri"

My partner and I have just returned from a fantastic stay at the Mahagiri Villas in Sanur. The experience of this hotel completely surpassed our expectations. From the moment we arrived the staff were very friendly and helpful. The communal areas are beautifully maintained and the our 1 bedroom villa was large, clean and very comfortable. The staff were also extremely accommodating when it came to specific food requirements.

The Villas are located just back from the main street of Sanur. It's only a 5-10 minute walk, but the hotel has a fleet of comfortable vans, and it was never a problem for one of the staff to drop you anywhere in the local area. We stayed in a 1 bedroom villa with a great pool, outdoor meals area and well developed gardens. The villa was totally private and quiet. It was very well finished with all the luxury's you would expect. The larger villas would be perfect for families. All in all it was a fantastic place to stay and I could not recommend it more highly to anyone. Thank you Mahagiri for making it a very memorable holiday. We will definitely be back as soon as possible!

October 21,2013 - by AJCP1


I stay at Mahagiri only for one night. but the experience can be overwhelming once. The rooms were spacious, clean with a luxury indoor bathroom There also a nice swimming pool outside with nice outdoor shower. Not Forget to mention the superb friendliness of the staff. I hope to go there again to repeat the good times. what a wonderful moments.

October 01,2013 - by Agus I

"Excellent service"

This was our first time in Bali and we were on our honeymoon, we stayed at the Mahagiri Villas for 4 nights. The service was excellent, the staff were friendly and the shuttle was available to drop us off and pick us up at different restaurants in the Sanur area. On our last day at Mahagiri, they arranged (in lieu of the airport shuttle) to drop us off at the hotel we were staying at afterwards, which was in Ubud - about an hour away.

Also, the movie selection in the room was better than most of the other villas we have stayed in so far in Bali.

June 26,2013 - by Manoj Verdi

"Fabulous for Families"

Just got back from a week-long stay. Pretty decent digs.

It's hidden down a couple of winding neighborhood streets. Much more interesting than a congested central location, I think!

The pictures the hotel uses to advertise are exactly what you're getting. No clever angles/photoshopping. The grounds are wonderfully manicured.

We did had trouble finding the hotel taxi at the airport, and ended up with one from the street. On arrival, they apologized profusely, and paid the driver themselves.Check in was painless- we were shown to our rooms within the first two mintues, handed iced coconut juice, and were bid goodnight. It was very quiet- just what we needed after a 21 hour flight with lots of kids!

The rooms themselves were gorgeous- spotlessly clean floors and linens. Some of the furniture was looking a bit worn, but it was all in working order. Bathrooms very clean on the inside and out, although one of the outdoor showers had some mold creeping in above the shower heads that will probably need some looking after. Very generous amenities... from mosquito spray to toothbrushes/toothpaste... if you've forgotten something, they probably have it in your room waiting for you! There are even a couple of umbrellas in each room, should you need them.

We had the option of ordering breakfast in the room without extra charge, which we did most of the time. Quick service, huge amounts of food, and several different menus to choose from. The coffee was fantastic! The pancakes tended to come with "filling" every time we ordered them, so beware of that- but the pastries were fresh and delicious.

The staff had a fence put up around the pool pretty soon after we arrived, so we didn't have to worry as much about the kids playing outside around it. The pool was sparkling clean, as were the kitchen and grounds. Oh... and the orange blossoms they accented all the clean towels with? Look up. Locally grown :)

There were bikes for guest use out front- something our older kids took advantage of.

I read some negative reviews about the mosquitos. I'm sorry, but if you're headed to a tropical island with warm temperatures and wet weather, you'd be kidding yourself to think there weren't going to be any mosquitos. Guess what? They travel up to 40 miles looking for a meal. No use blaming the hotel about it- they do what they can to ensure the little suckers are at a minimum, but ultimately, it's up to you to take precautions about getting bitten. Don't lay outside at night after getting out of the pool and think you're not going to get bit! :) Always keep your rooms closed, and wear repellent.

The staff were all super polite. Very, very nice to children. Prompt service. In a weeks stay, we only had two negative situations- the first was that delivery people (whether from the hotel or not) will march right past the front door once you open it and follow you in to the living room without asking. Perhaps it's a cultural thing- we're from the middle east, and it's the exact opposite here (most families have women that cover in front of non-relatives, and so it's unthinkable to go into someones "domain" without being expressly given the go-ahead). The second- when we went to leave, my 11 year old went to tip housekeeping (which we did every time they would bring something)... the guy looked at it, and rolled his eyes without saying another word (and it wasn't a cheap tip). Kind of a disappointing expression to direct at a child, but nevertheless forgiveable after a weeks worth of great family-friendly service.

We did request late check-out, and although the hotel guide says it is available at an enormous cost (50% of the nightly room rate!), we weren't charged for anything.

Overall, I would definitely reccomend staying at this hotel. I'll never look at a hotel-chain "room" the same way again!

June 23,2013 - by SquirrelyShirley

""Luxuryservice par excellence""

This place was a real find! Absolutely stunning villas with beautiful 'Balinese minimalist' decor. Stunning pool, which unfortunately had a tree overhanging that dropped leaves constantly, but each day these were cleared out on room servicing, so we didn't mind. Agree with other reviewers that a choice of smaller pillows would be a good idea! However this did not affect our rating. The bathrooms are beautifully appointed, the living area was spacious and comfortable, with HDD movies/ music free of charge. The Villas are located back from the beach and main shopping street in Sanur, but this was not a problem with the on-call shuttle service until 11pm meant that shopping during the day, or dining out at night was no trouble. When we needed to go to our next accommodation, they even arranged to drive us there free of charge. When we turned up (4 of us) with too much luggage to fit in the van, no trouble, they just arranged another car as well. We loved every minute of our time here and would return in a heartbeat.

Room Tip: All villas look to be very similar. We were two couple travelling together, and the twin bedded room.

June 23,2013 - by Debbie neilsen

"The ideal spot for an intimate honeymoon"

My fiancee and I chose Mahagiri Villas from after an exhaustive search for the perfect early-honeymoon retreat, and we couldn't have been happier with our choice. We stayed in a one-bed villa and found it ideal for our needs, in particular:

* Intimacy/privacy: In case, like us, you were wondering: yes, the villas are completely private; yes, you can swim and sunbathe "au naturel" without fear!

* exclusivity: The private pools, even in the one-bed villa, are surprisingly large (I'd guess 8-10 metres long); the outdoor area is complemented by sun lounges, small dining table and chairs, bar fridge with free water/soft drink/beer/juice replenished daily, great selection of teas and coffee, and a luxurious outdoor rain shower. Effectively you have your own mini-resort at your disposal!

* quiet: we had noticed some reviewers mention street noise, so we asked for a villa away from the street. Aside from a local rooster that seemed incapable of determining midnight from first light, we heard not a peep from outside the complex. As our room was just about restaurant-adjacent, there was a slight hum of activity in the morning, but for the most part we only heard the sounds of nature. No cars, no motorcycles!

* clean: the outdoor area, pool, superb king-size bed, big bathtub (easily capable of taking two adults) and beautiful wooden floors were all in impeccable and spotless condition at all times

* great service: the staff were lovely - generous with their time, personal yet discreet, courteous yet never obsequious. I was especially impressed by the generous services and assistance offered to us after checkout (our flight home was after 10pm). I won't go into specifics lest this generosity be taken for granted, but we were mightily impressed. Not to mention the cake they brought me after our candlelight dinner on my birthday... my fiancee had no idea, and it was the best damned chocolate gateau I've ever had!

So for that romantic getaway, Mahagiri was absolutely ideal. It may not be to all tastes, though. If you're looking for the resort-style holiday (sprawled on a lounge, looking at out the ocean as Ketut brings you another tequila sunrise) then its relative distance from the beach and restaurant/shopping hubs (a few hundred metres as the crow flies, but there is no direct road access so you either have to navigate labyrinthine alleys that are dark and populated by some intimidating dogs at night, or go the long way around) may be a hindrance. After the first day sweating it out on foot we swiftly decided to use Mahagiri's free pushbikes to get around during the day, and our first nocturnal canine impasse convinced us to use their free shuttle for evening trips. Also note that if you choose not to call the villa for a pick-up, a taxi ride home from the main strip costs about 1 USD, so really the location is no big deal, but it could bother some.

One other thing I should point out for the benefit of guests is the airport pick-up service. The villa provides free transfers each way, and sends someone to greet you on arrival and speed you through the visa and immigration processes. This could save you up to an hour (at least until the new terminal is completed), which is great, but it is a little intimidating when a total stranger asks you to hand over your passport and visa cash and tells you to go collect your bags while he completes the formalities. Now, having travelled in SE Asia before, we have experience this kind of third-party border procedures before, but that was with an Intrepid tour group. There had also been many reports in the papers about scammers in Bali who intercept hotel enquiries, enter negotiations with tourists and then make off with their money, leaving a stranded tourist with nowhere to stay. So needless to say, these early experiences left us feeling a bit uneasy! We decided to stick around and keep an eye on our guy while he got us our visa and cleared immigration. Maybe that's considered rude, but where we come from you don't just give your passports to anyone. So, be aware of what you can expect on arrival and you will have a wonderful time at these splendid villas.

Last of all, I note that many of the lesser ratings for Mahagiri were submitted over a year ago. Some complaints include rampant mosquitoes, uncleanliness, unwilling staff, lack of hot water and poor internet connection. Perhaps there were teething problems, possibly a change in management, but I can assure travellers that none of these issues occurred for us; if anything our experience on all these counts was exceptionally good. So please do not be put off by these concerns.

May 25,2013 - by jpm213

"Perfect stay, gorgeous villas"

These villas are just beautiful. So very very spacious and stylish. There is just no reason to leave the villa! Everything you could possibly want or need is right here. The pool is inviting and huge. The afternoon tea a lovely touch. The breakfast delightful, which you can opt to have in your room. The villas transport will drop you off and pick you up where ever you like in sanur which is very convenient. The staff very friendly, very helpful. The entertainment system which held 200 movies for your viewing a bonus. We enjoyed two massages at the spa, the prices I thought were very reasonable and the staff here were very friendly. I would love to stay here again.

May 14,2013 - by Kerrie H

"Excellent place to stay"

We stayed at Mahagiri for 5 nights during late April and the experience was fantastic. The location is not on the beach or in the main Sanur shopping/dining precinct but vehicles are always on hand to drive you anywhere within the Sanur area. Mahagiri Villas has it's own reserved beach area and both the main Sanur strip and beach were only minutes away by vehicle. There are many restaurants to choose from in Sanur plus a few bars. We stayed in a 1 bedroom villa and for two people it was quite spacious and comfortable. After a day out touring or shopping it was great to come back to your own private pool and then indulge in a massage at the villa's spa before drinks and dinner.The staff were always polite and attentive and no reasonable request is refused. Meals could be delivered to the room if chosen. Entertainment was provided on Wed and Fri nights in the restaurant. For those who want to escape the madness of Kuta and Seminyak, Sanur is the place to stay and I would highly recommend staying at Mahagiri Villas.

May 12,2013 - by Ross Turner

"Simply awesome"

I just came back from a 5D4N stay with my partner at Mahagiri villas. Before I went I was considering a 2N stay in Mahagiri and another 2N at some other villa BUT i'm so glad I chose to do stay in Mahagiri for my whole trip.

Before I even went on the trip - I have several queries and requests that were very professinally and kindly dealt with by the sales manager Surya. He gave very prompt response and was very polite all the time.

During the trip - Everything was simply perfect. The villa was simply beautiful and comfortable. The staff were always polite. They were always efficient in arranging transport for us to the restaurants in Sanur and they give us the hotel card so that we can get the restaurant to call them to fetch us back when we're done. One of the evenings, we wanted to go to one of the more popular restaurants and the hotel staff actually enquire if I had a reservation when I said no he actually called to make a reservation for me and arrange the transport. All the staff were so genuinely helpful. There were 5 choices of breakfast to choose from and we always had breakfast sent to our room cause the villa was simply too awesome to leave although we always wanted to walk to the restaurant and try the ambience but every morning we just fail to do so. Well, if ure looking for a beautiful place quite away from the noise and hotel staff who goes the extra mile. Then this is the place to stay in. They even sent a cake during breakfast which was such a sweet gesture!

Massage - there are many massage n spa in Sanur area very near the villa but I've never tried because they din look too professional so my partner was more comfortable with me doing massage n spa in the hotel which he slept in the villa. My experience at the spa was good - the place is very clean and smells reall nice. The masseur was also very attentive always checking on the pressure of the massage. Took very good care to cover me up while she does the scrub so I wont feel cold! Very attentive.

May 02,2013 - by Sharon H ~ Singapore

"Greatest time ever"

I had the privilege to spend the last part of my vacation in Bali @ Mahagiri villas. The villa was beautifull, breakfast was good ( have the Mahagiri toast, great start of your day! ) and especially i want to say thanks to all the girls of the spa. The massages are so relaxing, proffesional and afterwards you feel like a complete different person. one word: FABULOUS.

Terima kasih banyak everybody @ Mahagiri

April 02,2013 - by Jorennnnn ~ Eindhoven,Netherlands

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